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Hot Honor News!





12-21-00 -- Today the new webby was uploaded. I will still be making changes and adding new stuff. I am open for suggestions of almost any kind. I would also appreciate resources such as midis or mp3's. Thanks. -- =HSE=MAJESTIC39/ENS/WEB

12-20-00 -- =HSE=CAPA/VADM announces that meeting servers will be up once a week on Sundays. You should know the pword. There will also be training and practice servers each week as well. -- =HSE=MAJESTIC39/ENS/WEB

12-20-00 -- I opened the pages up in Front Page 2000 to do some final touches and it converted all of my scripts I had on it. I hope it will still work. If not, email me and I'll just redo it. -- =HSE=MAJESTIC39/ENS/WEB


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